10 wine-related gifts for your nearest and dearest


A personalised gift box.

In the Les Vignerons de Buzet shop, you can put together the perfect gift box yourself! Choose the box, the number of bottles and the wines you want. Our shop staff can also recommend wines to suit the taste preferences of the person for whom this delectable gift is intended!

A personalised bottle of wine

Our winery shop has been offering a very special service for some years now: wine bottle label personalisation. You can create your own label, whether it's for a special event or an annual family get-together such as Christmas.  Make your gift unique!

A gift card

Your loved one is a real wine buff and you would rather that he (or she) choose the wine themselves? Then why not consider getting him or her a gift card, available with a value of between €15 and €50? That way, you have found the perfect gift and the recipient’s pleasure is twofold: first when receiving the gift card and then when actually buying the bottle(s) of wine!

A magnum of red wine

If you are invited to dine with friends or family, take your hosts a magnum of red wine and the dinner is bound to be a convivial one! Check out the magnums available on our website. As well as our elegant Château de Gueyze, several of our red wines also come in this bottle size!

A gorgeous decanter

Whether the recipient is a huge wine fan or just enjoys wine from time to time, this is a gift that is always a pleasure to receive. In addition to its practical use - allowing the wine to breathe and thereby intensify its aromas and flavours - the decanter is a decorative object in its own right.

A bottle of white wine

Your friends are bound to appreciate the gift of a bottle of Château Loustalet white wine, especially if seafood or fish is on the dinner party menu. This is the only château white wine produced by Les Vignerons de Buzet.

A bottle of red wine

Why not play it safe by offering a bottle of Château de Gueyze? After all, the French do mainly drink red wine! This wine, derived from sustainable agroecological practices, is powerful on entry to the palate where it reveals lovely smooth tannins that will go down a treat with the lucky recipient of this bottle of wine!

A "second life" gift box

Once the gift box has been opened, its ‘wrapping’ has usually reached the end of its useful life...
That is why Les Vignerons de Buzet has come up with a range of gift boxes that can be transformed into everyday objects: chopping board, serving platter, wine storage unit, etc.

A range of wine accessories

To complement your gift, choose from a range of wine accessories available from our winery shop: wine glasses, vinoloks (allowing you to close the bottle easily after opening) and, of course, corkscrews.

Baron d’Ardeuil wooden gift box

A gift of our ‘Collector" case containing 6 bottles of the iconic Baron d’Ardeuil wine always goes down well!

Wine – a gender-neutral gift!

The good thing about wine is that it is a gift suitable for both men and women. You can’t make a hash of it, for example, with our ”chopping board” gift box!!