5 festive dishes to pair with our red wines


Château de Gueyze is amazing with a sweet-and-sour combo.

Plump for a rack of lamb with almonds and figs to pair with our Château de Gueyze. The wine’s powerful entry to the palate and meaty tannins will work very well with this sweet-and-sour dish.  As this wine comes from an exceptional vineyard, it will also make an excellent gift for the year-end festivities.

Domaine de l'Hiot is brought out by spicy flavours

In the South-West of France, you can’t get away from the traditional duck at family mealtimes! But let's forget about duck foie gras (which will be served as a starter) and give this local product a spicy twist for your main dish! The complexity and volume on the palate of our Domaine de L’Hiot wine will wow the taste buds when served with a spiced oven-roasted duck.

Château de Padère is the great classic

There are a few classic dishes you can't do without during the festive season: the Christmas turkey for a start! Although you can pair white wine with white meat, with seasonal trimmings such as mushrooms or chestnuts, we would recommend you serve your guests a well-structured and meaty red such as our Château de Padère. Its nuances of ripe fruit and spices will create a perfect balance with this type of dish.

SANS Without Added Sulfites pairs well with vegetarian dishes

Have you tried our SANS Without Added Sulfites Red? It’s a wine with explosive notes of red fruit and dark berries whose fruit and coated tannins will bring out the flavours of a vegetarian dish such as a vegetable pie! Tannic red wines not only work well with meat, they also work extremely well with vegetarian food!

Baron d'Ardeuil is a sound investment!

A stuffed capon is the perfect dish for the year-end festivities, but we would suggest you show a touch of flair by combining it with fruit, such as apples and figs, in addition to the traditional chestnuts! Enjoy a stuffed capon with apples, figs and chestnuts with a glass of Baron d’Ardeuil. This red wine's luscious character on entry and its big, fruity palate make for a perfect festive food and wine pairing.   

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