Dishes for pairing with our white wines over the festive season


The freshness of our SANS Without Added Sulfites White brought out by salmon  

Smoked salmon is always popular over the festive season.  Why not surprise your guests with an original take on salmon in the form of Salmon éclairs!  For fish, you need a white wine with good acidity and superb freshness!  So for us, our SANS – Without Added Sulfites White would be the obvious choice: the combination of the freshness of the Sauvignon and the fat of the Semillon at perfect maturity will tantalise the taste buds!

A glass of Tradition White with sea scallops

The way you prepare your sea scallops should be factored into your choice of white wine. If you are going to prepare your scallops , you should opt for a lovely crisp wine, such as our Tradition White, to perfectly complement this refined product. The wine’s freshness will bring out the iodine flavours of the shellfish.

Baron d'Ardeuil White to complement oysters with a champagne sauce  

Not everyone is a fan of raw oysters, so preparing oysters au gratin with a champagne sauce can be a smart way to please everyone! However, you must be careful to preserve the finesse of the oysters by pairing them with a white wine that will not overpower their refined character. With its elegance and aromatic complexity, our Baron d’Ardeuil White is perfect for this type of dish at Christmas.

Château Loustalet with its aromatic intensity  

For this year’s festive meals, why not serve up some sea bass with beurre blanc? This refined fish served with a rich sauce is the perfect dish for entertaining in December. You are of course now wondering what white wine you should serve to ensure that all your hard work does not go to waste... This type of dish requires an older dry white wine, so opt for our Château Loustalet. The freshness of the Sauvignon and the aromatic intensity of the blend is bound to be a hit with your guests.

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