How do I choose a white wine to give as a gift or to serve over the festive season?



The year-end is fast approaching and you are starting to think about what Christmas presents to buy and what Christmas dishes to make… Les Vignerons de Buzet offers you this little guide on how to serve our wines and how to choose them for gifts!

Serving a white wine

Food pairing

We automatically think of pairing a dry white wine with fish or seafood, but we should not forget that we can also pair dry white wines with white meats such as turkey or with a platter of cheese. If you are looking for Christmas food ideas, we recommend you check out our article on dishes that pair well with white wine. Before choosing your wine, think carefully about what dishes you will be cooking up in the kitchen!

Serving temperature

At Les Vignerons de Buzet, all our white wines are dry and we recommend serving them at a temperature of 11-12°C. Dry white wines do not need to be opened very long before serving but it is important to complement your dish with a wine served at the right temperature!

Drinking occasion

The Christmas holidays are a very special time of year and are usually spent in a relaxed, family atmosphere. This is the perfect occasion for opening a white wine such as Château Loustalet.

Giving a white wine as a gift

If you want to give your guests the gift of a bottle of white wine over the festive season, you have two choices: either give them a wine that suits their tastes or come up with something original!

Why not pop along to our shop and ask for a recommendation?

Get to know their tastes

To find the perfect white wine gift for a loved one, our first piece of advice would be to ascertain his or her tastes! To ensure that your loved one receives the perfect gift under the Christmas tree, then try to find out more about their taste preferences at earlier meals.

Surprise your loved ones

Christmas is a time for surprises! Why not treat it as the perfect opportunity to introduce your loved ones to a favourite wine or an unconventional wine such as our SANS – Without Added Sulfites White?

Are you short of inspiration for dishes to serve? Then, check out our suggestions of dishes to pair with our white wines over the festive season.