Take a walk through our vineyards with a local nature guide!


Explore the Les Vignerons de Buzet vineyards in a whole new way! Take a walk through the countryside, amid our vineyards, and learn more about our terroir and the work of our winegrowers. A complimentary wine tasting is provided at the end of your outing!

A guided vineyard tour

Our two amazing guides will give you an introduction to Les Vignerons de Buzet, our cooperative known for its pioneering work in the field of sustainable development. One of our producers will tell you all about our winegrowing work and savoir-faire and, above all, the measures we have taken to encourage biodiversity. Our geographer will talk to you about our terroir and soils. You will discover that both of our guides have a real love for their region! This is a fun tour in which young and old alike can learn some interesting facts while enjoying a walk through the Buzet-sur-Baïse vineyards. Come and explore our vineyards and take in some pure country air! Holidays are about spending unforgettable times with the family.

Wine tasting

How could you possibly leave after your visit without tasting the results of all our Cooperative winegrowers' hard work?!  So, naturally, we offer you a complimentary tasting of our Buzet wines (with fruit juice for the kids). After your outdoor activity, some refreshment will no doubt be most welcome!
Our shop staff will share the art of wine tasting with you! Whether you prefer rosé, red or white, Les Vignerons de Buzet has wines to suit your tastes and produced in an eco-friendly manner since 2005.
Whether you would like some advice on how to pair our wines with food or simply have questions about our ethos or production methods, this tasting session will be a great opportunity to learn more about the Les Vignerons de Buzet Cooperative.

Wine tasting

For this year’s summer holidays, come and enjoy some great outdoor activities and allow your children to learn about a Cooperative winery that is passionate about nature and fully committed to protecting it. A mixture of learning and physical exercise, our vineyard visit with a local nature guide has everything to appeal to young and old alike! And if you are still thirsty for further knowledge after that, you can sign up for one of our new activities, such as a workshop on sustainable development packed with surprises!