Vignerons de Buzet's newsletter #43


12 species of bees have been recorded in the vineyard of the Vignerons de Buzet, including some rare species! Spiders and ladybirds are well being too ! While insect populations are in decline, the measure of their quantity and diversity in the Gueyze vineyard reveals a rich and healthy ecosystem!

A few kilometres away, the vineyard managers and technicians of Les Vignerons de Buzet are swapping their entomologist's magnifying glasses for spades and are interested... in trees ! Some 1,500 trees were planted at the end of January, in shrub hedges and even in the row of vines! This is happening in the experimental vineyard of Les Vignerons de Buzet. Here, in the heart of the South West, this group of pioneers has been preparing for the agro-ecological transition since 2005. They use techniques inspired by agro-forestry - among others - to build the vineyard of the future: self-fertile, resistant to bio-aggressors, without chemical inputs and able to withstand climate change.

There is no good wine without good grapes so vineyard is important ! But the militant commitment of the Vignerons de Buzet does not stop there! This cooperative is also working on eco-designed packaging, improving the carbon footprint linked to its manufacture. In this spirit, their heritage brand, Tradition, has been completely revamped with an ambitious eco-design!

To find out all about the latest news from the Les Vignerons de Buzet cooperative, the Le Petit Canard newsletter n°43, from February 2020, awaits your reading!