How to choose your organic wine?


"I am looking for an organic wine. The selection criterion is already selective, but it can be refined. Here are some other criteria that can help you make your selection of organic wines:

  • Colour
  • Origin
  • The appellation
  • The vintage
  • Tasting notes
  • Tasting notes


The colour: the first question to ask is what colour of wine you are looking for: an organic red wine, an organic rosé or a white wine?

The provenance

Origin: if you are looking for an organic wine, you will probably prefer wines produced in France. France is the world's third largest producer of organic wine, with 14% of its vineyards cultivated organically.

You should also favour direct sales channels, as we do on our online shop or at our cooperative shop.

The appellation

The appellation: the appellation is the calling card of your wine. It refers to the characteristics of the terroir of the wine region. Our wines have the Buzet appellation. There are 375 AOP (Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée) in France.

The millesime

The vintage: it gives an indication, according to the climate of the year. From one year to the next, a wine made from grapes from the same plot of land does not have the same qualities. However, be careful not to make generalizations about a vintage! Climatic conditions can be very heterogeneous from one region to another and even, in a restricted geographical area, from one estate to another.

Tasting notes

Tasting notes: many wine guides exist, as well as wine competitions. Some of these guides and competitions are even specialised in organic wines. Each one offers its own selection and tasting notes.

For example, we participate in the Millésime Bio competition, where our wines are regularly awarded medals, such as Domaine de Michelet 2020, silver medal at Millésime Bio 2021 or Terres d'Anthéa rouge 2020 and Vignes d'Henry rouge 2020, both silver medals at Millésime Bio 2022.


Tasting: the best way to know if you like an organic wine is to taste it before choosing it. In the direct sales channels, in general, tastings are possible to help you choose. At our direct sales shop, at our cooperative, tastings are offered free of charge.

If you want to go further, there are many books on the subject of organic wines.