2023 Equality Index


CSR at the heart of the Vignerons de Buzet policy

Since 2010, Les Vignerons de Buzet are committed to a CSR policy. The implementation of this policy for several years allows us to be evaluated at the highest level since 2014. Corporate Social Responsibility is defined as the contribution of the company to the challenges of sustainable development, the objective for the company is to have a positive impact for the stakeholders and society while being economically viable.


Today within the cooperative 2/3 of the members of our steering committee and 50% of our employees are women, the equality index provided for by law since 2019 for companies with at least 50 employees allows us to set a framework and to evaluate ourselves from year to year.

This 100-point self-assessment takes into account 4 to 5 indicators

  •     The gender pay gap,
  •     The gender pay gap, - The gender pay gap in individual increases,
  •     The distribution gap in promotions (only in companies with more than 250 employees),
  •     The number of female employees who receive a raise after returning from maternity leave,
  •     Parity among the 10 highest paid employees.

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