Our wines, men... and women!


Why, on this site dedicated to our wines, this article on professional equality ? A priori, we are far away from questions of grape varieties, vineyard, red wine, rosé wine, fruity or woody!

But did you know that our Buzet wines, from a resilient and preserved vineyard, are also, in addition to the 12 bees of rare species recorded in our vineyards and the Athena's owl, a protected species reintroduced, 90 salaried women and men - and of course 160 winegrowers?

90, so many? That's right! Because our cooperative model, in addition to guaranteeing a fair and equitable income for our producers, also means maintaining economic activity on our rural territory. So here, at the cooperative Les Vignerons de Buzet, there are employees who take care of the wine being made, then the bottles and their shipment. It goes without saying. There are also women and men who go to meet the customers and sell the bottles ready to be tasted. They go as far as the oceans sometimes, to make us known!

Of course, there are women - only women! - who guide our member winegrowers to constantly innovate in the direction of a gentle, low-input viticulture.

And then there are all those so-called "support" jobs not directly related to our wines (human resources, purchasing, accounting, etc.). At our cooperative, all these functions are internalized.

In short, with all this, our small cooperative of more than 50 employees must display, as now required by law, according to the directives of the Secretary of State for Gender Equality, its gender equality index. So here it is !

Good news! We scored 81 out of 100, after self-assessment on four criteria (self-assessment is the legal process, we didn't cheat promised!).

In this 81/100 there is: a gym and even a coach who motivates us twice a week for the more athletic among us; teleworking chosen for those who are far from home; and lots of other little details of organization of life inside the company!

And that's it, our wines, to Us, Les Vignerons de Buzet, it's also us, employees of Les Vignerons de Buzet!