10 Christmas gift ideas for lovers of red, rosé and white wines


10 Christmas gift ideas for lovers of red, rosé and white wines!

Wine accessories, original wines or “second life” gift boxes... Christmas is coming and you're wondering what to get your wine-loving friends and family this year? Les Vignerons de Buzet has put together this exciting Christmas selection just for you!  

A “second life” gift box

Haven’t we all thought it a great shame to throw away the ‘wrapping’ after a gift has been opened? That is why we offer reusable gift boxes. These clever and original gifts will help to reduce waste at Christmas.

Chopping board gift box

The Les Vignerons de Buzet chopping board gift box is the ideal gift for red wine lovers! Containing two bottles of wine - a Château de Padère and a Petit Baron Red - this gift will delight the taste buds of your family and friends at Christmas.

RSP: 18.90 €  – available in the Les Vignerons de Buzet shop and partner wine shops  

The serving platter gift box

We are serving you this gift idea on a platter... made of wood! As well as treating your friends to the Cooperative's red wines, you are gifting them the perfect aperitif accessory: a serving platter! Contents: 1 SANS Without Added Sulphites, 1 Baron d'Ardeuil, 1 Château de Padère, 1 Tradition and 1 Terres d'Anthéa.

RSP: TBC – available in the Les Vignerons de Buzet shop and partner wine shops  

A bottle of wine of generous proportions

We at Les Vignerons de Buzet love big meals with family or friends where the number of participants always heightens the enjoyment of the occasion! This is why we decided to offer a super-large size bottle: the "Impériale". Take a look at our flagship wine, Baron d’Ardeuil, in a 5-litre bottle!  What’s more, this large bottle size ensures the perfect conservation of wines that are ideal for laying down such as our Baron d'Ardeuil.

Available in our shop and on our website: RSP 88.85 €

A personalised bottle of wine

What better gift could you give a wine lover than a bottle of wine bearing his or her own name? Did you know that you can personalise the wine bottle labels via our website or in the Les Vignerons de Buzet shop? Les Vignerons de Buzet is offering this service especially for Christmas!

A wine aerator  

This is the must-have accessory for all those upcoming wine-drinking occasions! We are not always able to plan ahead and ensure our bottle of wine is uncorked an hour before serving, but the recipient of this Christmas gift will be able to improvise if necessary! Allowing the wine to breathe helps its bouquet to develop and enhances the drinking experience. So, grab this amazing accessory now! RSP: from 15 to 30 € - available online and in specialist shops

A wine book

Give Bacchus lovers the gift of greater wine knowledge! For those with a thirst for learning, we would recommend the “bible”, i.e., Wine for Dummies.  Beware, the title is to be taken with a pinch of salt because the book is an absolute goldmine on all things related to wine!

RSP: 15-30 € - available online and in specialist shops

A wine and food pairing workshop  

This is the perfect Christmas gift to give someone who loves wine, but who hasn't yet figured out that the best pairing with cheese is a dry white wine (despite what you may have been told!).
RSP: 39-60 € for a two-hour workshop.  

A cheese box subscription  

Any box subscription will be appreciated, but a cheese box particularly so! There are all manner of boxes available on the internet, but we have found you the best: La Box Fromage!
RSP: from 25.95 € per month  

A stopper that preserves the wine  

Are you familiar with the Vacuvin stopper? It’s the small, practical wine accessory that any self-respecting wine lover should never be without! Using the pump supplied with the stopper, you create a vacuum in your bottle and thus prevent the wine from oxidising!
RSP: 15 €

A ‘Le Nez du Vin’ box

We have come up with the perfect gift idea that can turn anyone into a wine expert! Give the gift of unlimited wine-tasting training with one of the ‘Nez du Vin’ boxes containing between 6 to 54 aromas in small vials. Using these vials, you can train yourself to identify the aromas commonly found in wine.
RSP: 25 to 300 € depending on the box size (number of vials)

Wines for gift-giving or serving at Christmas

The festive season is almost upon us and it is time to start planning the food and drink you are going to serve this year. To help you with this, the Buzet winegrowers have put together a selection of recommended red and/or white wines to pair with your dishes or give as a gift at Christmas.

Red wines for gift-giving or serving at Christmas

Are you looking for a bottle of red wine to give as a gift at Christmas? Then, check out our picks for the perfect red wines for gift-giving or serving with a Christmas meal. The red wine you serve at your Christmas meal should be tailored to your menu and the tastes of each drinker.