A wine workshop on sustainable development!


What if it was possible to combine enjoyment with developing a collective consciousness? Well, we are a collective group of winegrowers and we are here to offer you an enjoyable workshop on sustainable development within the world of wine! Our Cooperative winery has been working sustainably since 2005. This year, we wanted to tell holidaymakers more about the values and measures taken by our innovative Cooperative to manage its vineyards responsibly. This is why we are offering you various activities that will enable you to learn more about what we are up to in an original and entertaining way!

Why do a workshop on sustainable development?

The idea behind this workshop is to communicate our vision and ethos. We are convinced that the best way to encourage a new way of thinking is while having some fun. That is why this workshop will give you the chance to have a bit of fun while changing the way you assess the bottles of wine commonly found on wine store shelves! We, the consumers, have the power to change things! Let's seize it!

Who is this workshop designed for?

This 90-minute workshop is for adults and children alike (yes, good habits are learnt from a very young age!). If you are holidaying in the South West of France with your family or friends, we very much look forward to seeing you at our new workshop! Book your time slot here and enjoy an original experience that you won't find anywhere else!

What does the workshop involve?

At this workshop, you will learn all about the eco-friendly work that Les Vignerons de Buzet has been engaged in since 2005, you will create a wine box and enjoy a blind tasting of the wines resulting from our winery's "greener production" approach! This workshop is a blend of discovery, learning and, of course, fun! Sounds great, right? Working as a team, you will try to create the ‘best’ wine box (best for the planet that is!).

This year, to celebrate the Cooperative’s 70th anniversary, Les Vignerons de Buzet has reinvented itself and put together several new outdoor and indoor activities that can be enjoyed with family or friends. You are bound to find something that will appeal to you and your friends! Do you have any questions or need further information? Don't hesitate to contact our team!