Les Vignerons de Buzet wish you Eco Greetings with humour


Les Vignerons de Buzet, a cooperative committed to sustainable development since 2005, wish you committed wishes - with humour! Because, it must be said, the ritual of New Year's greetings has something boring after a few days. So we put our militant sense of humour into this exercise of politeness and convention.

Our wishes for 2020 are 7 eco-actions to be displayed for 12 months at your office. A sort of long-lasting greeting card, whose printing (in black and white it also works!) is amortized over the year, unlike those dozens of greatings cards that you receive and throw away once you read them (or not!)

Come on, for those who don't want to download our fun, useful and committed greetings card, here are 7 simple eco-actions to do at your office for the planet!

(Illustrations: Pauline Rouault)

  1. Eco-action n°1: If you’re switched on, you’ll switch off the light.


  1. Eco-action n°2: Don't drown yourself in plastic bottles. Get a flask!


In a report entitled "Plastic pollution, whose fault is it? "published in March 2019, the NGO WWF claims that no less than 396 million tonnes of plastic were produced in 2016, or 53 kilos per capita. It estimates that production could increase by 50% by 2030. In the office, prefer durable containers such as water bottles to disposable plastic bottles from beverage dispensers.

  1. Eco-action n°3: A fleece doesn't suit you quite as well as it does him, but he will thank you!


50% is the share of heating in office energy consumption! Ok you have to be plugged in for the business appointment scheduled for this week, while the thermometer outside is just above 0. As a result, in the office, the heating is on high. And once the appointment is over, why not get dressed with a good sweater? (And turn down the heat).

  1. Eco-action n°4: Don’t get submerged, turn off the tap!


At the Vignerons de Buzet, we are particularly sensitive to the natural resource of water. Strange for a cooperative that produces wine? In fact, water is essential for wine making! It is used to clean installations and bottles, in order to respect the impeccable hygiene of our installations and the wines we sell. For us, the preservation of this resource is a major challenge!

  1. Eco-action n°5: Write light!


Too many emails, too heavy, with too many attachments! A study carried out by the Ademe shows that an email with a 1 MB attachment sent to a person emits about 20 grams of CO2, the equivalent of the power consumption of a 60 W bulb for 25 minutes. The researchers concluded that if each employee in a company of 100 people receives an average of 50 emails per day and sends 30, the company will consume 13 tonnes of CO2 in one day.

  1. Eco-action n°6: If you want to recycle, you need to shout about it!


At our cooperative Les Vignerons de Buzet, sorting is part of our way of life. We sort and recycle in recycling channels cardboard, paper, plastic bottles (as little as possible!), coffee capsules, cork stoppers and synthetic stoppers... and we even have a compost bin! These good practices are fully in line with CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approaches!

  1. Eco-action n°7: Co-llaborate, co-operate, so why not co-mmute together? It is an excellent way to create exchange between colleagues! Tested!