How do I choose a red wine to give as a gift or to serve at Christmas?



Spicy, fruity, full-bodied? We tell you how to match your wine to your festive dishes and the tastes of your guests!

Serving a red wine

Red wine is often synonymous with a warm and convivial meal, especially when it's a Christmas meal and all the family is gathered together. Here are our tips for serving red wine perfectly...

Food pairing

Red wines have three important characteristics: tannin, acidity and unctuosity. It is important to create a well-balanced pairing by serving a wine that complements the dish. With a light, fruity red wine, we recommend white meat or dark-fleshed fish such as tuna. A medium-bodied red wine will be nicely set off by plainly cooked meats.  Rich, slow-cooked dishes are best served with full-bodied red wines.

Serving temperature

The temperature at which the red wine is served will vary according to the type of wine. For a full-bodied red, we recommend a serving temperature of 16-18 °C. A medium-bodied red will be best appreciated at 14-16 °C, while a light, fruity red will be perfect at 14°C. For heavier red wines, don't forget to open the bottle when you are preparing the food. For lighter red wines, if you open the wine when your guests arrive, it will be ready to serve in time for the main course.

Giving a red wine as a gift

A gift-wrapped bottle of wine under the Christmas tree is always well received! But before you buy a bottle of red wine as a gift, find out more about your loved one’s tastes: does he (or she) actually prefer red wine? Or does he prefer white wine? And if he prefers red wine, will he prefer a full-bodied red like our Baron d'Ardeuil or a fruity red such as our SANS – Without Added Sulfites Red?

Pairing a red wine

Are you short of ideas about what dishes to pair a red wine? You are bound to find some inspiration in our article: 5 festive dishes to pair with our red wines!